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Welcome to NanoBiomaterials Lab

By using chemical/materials science and nanoengineering, we design the nanostructures for therapeutic and biomedical applications including drug delivery, bioimaging and neuron recovery. Our projects include cancer therapy, neuron therapy, and in-situ monitoring micro-environments. 


本實驗室主要在於「功能型有機/無機奈米複合生醫材料」開發與研究,如奈米磁性材料、光學材料與敏感性材料,應用於藥物釋放、生物檢測與生物影像顯影,可學習奈米材料合成、藥物包覆、材料分析、生物影像等專長,其將來運用領域廣泛。 歡迎醫環、化學 、化工、材料、生物等相關背景專題生、碩士班與博士班學生加入! 有興趣者可與老師洽談!



Focus On Nerve Generation

Injectable hydrogels in regeneration medicine can potentially mimic hierarchical natural living tissue and fill complexly shaped defects with minimally invasive implantation procedures. To achieve this goal, however, the versatile hydrogels that usually possess the nonporous structure and uncontrollable spatial agent release must overcome the difficulties in low cell‐penetrative rates of tissue regeneration.

BY Alice Hsu  I   2019

Focus On Microneedles for TBI

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) surpasses many diseases in causing long-term disability in developing countries and thus constitutes a substantial burden worldwide. In this study, a conductive microneedle based on metal-organic framworks (MOFs) integrated to a gas therapy that can improve nerve generation in traumatic brain lesions was developed.

BY EJ I   2021

Penetrated Delivery

​Lung metastasis-targeted donut-shaped nanostructures shuttled by the margination effect for the PolyDox generation-mediated penetrative delivery into deep tumors

BY MR Chiang I   2020 

Materials Design 

​Hierarchically Targeted and Penetrated Delivery of Drugs to Tumors by Size‐Changeable Graphene Quantum Dot Nanoaircrafts for Photolytic Therapy

BY YL Su I   2017 

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Organoid on A Chip & Precision Medicine

​The organoid on a chip possessed a heterogeneous cell density, and the compact cancer cells around the spheroids latently decreased the permeation of drugs or cargos, which is similar to an in vivo organ. In this system, the precision medicine was also integrated.  

BY CJ Wu I   2021 


Latest News 

Oct. 8, 2021 


Oct. 5, 2021 

恭喜博士班Yalamandala Bhanu Nirosha、Huynh Thi My Hue【原子科學院2021專題研究海報競賽】特優與優等。


Jul 29, 2021 

​胡尚秀老師加入國際指標性藥物控制遞送期刊-主編群. Journal of Controlled Release Editorial Board

June 21, 2021 


May 14, 2021 


May 26, 2021 


March 22, 2021 


November 21, 2020 

恭喜專題生林巧旻、李季進入「2020年康寧創星家 創新應用競賽前20強團隊」。

November 3, 2020 

恭喜博士生許如秀通過「2020科技部博士後千里馬」計畫,至美國Stanford University (史丹佛大學)進行博後


October 26, 2020 



October 5, 2020 

恭喜方人弘博士獲得2020 【生醫材料與藥物制放年學會】年輕學者獎。



恭喜碩士班沈威廷同學獲得2020 【生醫材料與藥物制放年會】海報論文競賽--佳作。

September 21, 2020 

恭喜博士生許如秀獲得2020 第 16 屆永信李天德醫藥科技獎-傑出論文獎。

October  21, 2019 


November 21, 2020 


Invited Talks

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